Yea … we’re dealing with medical forms.  We need (my client needs, actually) to support a customer that has these forms to be printed.  Things like claims forms.


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That's funny... We are using FOP to move *away* from something like

this. Our clients are tired of paying us to sell them pre-printed pages

with the boxes, only to have the little "x" be off-center ;-)


I don't know if it'll help, but you could use "blind tables" with images

or something inside to maneuver the box where you want it. Of course,

it'll take a bit of trial and error. Also, the results might be

different depending on the printer, as well as whether you're outputting

with -awt/-print or -ps/-pdf.


Good luck!


Mark C. Allman wrote:

> Version: 0.20.5rc, with my fixes to get markers working.


> What I’m trying to do is place a fo:block at an absolute position on a

> page.  Any way I can.  The idea is to format text on a page so that when

> we feed a pre-printed form through the printer we get “X” placed in a

> box, a name in it’s box, a date where it should be on the form, etc.


> I see that “absolute-position” isn’t supported yet, but that “top,”

> “right,” etc., are.  Is there functionality implemented in 0.20.5rc that

> allows a block to be placed at a specific position or do I need to add

> the implementation of “absolute-position” (and, if I need to do this,

> can anyone suggest any helpful hints)?





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