--- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> You see, your code below could simply be added to
> Batik's
> AbstractGraphicsNode, I think, and everything would
> be in order again 
> (without us having to change anything).

They did that for one of the two functions that were
added to the GraphicsNode interface, but that other
function is too subclass-dependent. I looked at the
subclasses--one explicitly returns NULL, some do more
advanced calculations, etc., for that function.  (I'm
not even sure if what I copied is best for the FOP
subclass--but it is probably sufficient.)

With what it knows about its subclasses, the "best"
AGN could probably do is return NULL.  That would have
allowed FOP's code to quietly compile, but would
probably have caused severe logical errors later while
running.  So they possibly did us a favor by not
implementing it in AGN.

> Both projects, Batik and FOP, have changed their
> APIs in their past.
> That is allowed but the projects should care about
> their customers and
> avoid generating unnecessary problems. 

I agree--I'm angry about this irresponsible treatment
from the Batik team too!  Let's get revenge on them
and remove FOP's TRAX/XSLTInputHandler!!!   ;)


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