plus comments. I am happy to see new committers come into the project. I recall, however, that it took me a year to gain that status, a year during which I wrote a considerable amount of code which I maintained in my ISP account. My crime was that I did not toe the Party line. I hope those days are gone, and that, should a developer happen along who contributes to alt.design, and expresses a desire to continue to work on it, he or she will be granted committer status with the now customary alacrity.


Victor Mote wrote:
FOP Developers:

Being the greenest committer, I had hoped to defer this nomination to a more
senior developer. However, I think it is appropriate to nominate Glen Mazza
for committer status. He is knowledgeable and thoughtful, and I think it is
in the interest of the project to turn him loose so that he can keep working
without having to wait on us.

-- Peter B. West http://www.powerup.com.au/~pbwest/resume.html

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