FOP Developers:

I did a dry run of the startup refactoring (Session, Document, etc.) work
yesterday & this morning, and am satisfied that the concepts work. Here are
some comments:

1. I am going to start committing changes, hopefully this evening. Much of
the work is refactoring, but there are some substance changes as well,
specifically to allow multiple output options, multiple documents, etc. I
have therefore decided to implement it as a series of self-contained
changes, rather than dropping the entire change in at once. This will make a
better doc trail. Let me know if you object.

2. Logging. During the dry run, I realized that I don't know whether we want
to have logging for a Session, or for each Document, or even at some finer
level of granularity. Session will be implemented as a singleton, so if we
only need logging at that level, then a static construct can be used to get
logging from /anywhere/ without adding anything. Otherwise, I'll add logic
that allows the Document object to either be directly accessed or computed
(by going up the object hierarchy) to get the logger. That seems more
desirable to me than implementing logging in all of the classes, but perhaps
I am missing something there.

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