--- Victor Mote <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> 1. I am going to start committing changes, hopefully
> this evening. Much of
> the work is refactoring, but there are some
> substance changes as well,
> specifically to allow multiple output options,
> multiple documents, etc. I
> have therefore decided to implement it as a series
> of self-contained
> changes, rather than dropping the entire change in
> at once. This will make a
> better doc trail. Let me know if you object.

Shouldn't be a problem (we can always go back to the
old code if it's a disaster!)  When you're done, I
still would like to get the LayoutHandler and
StructureHandler classes out of the apps package
though (Bug 20397, although on these new classes)--any
objections from anyone on this part?


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