Peter B. West wrote:

> What's happened to the redesign?  I have nothing to prove - you guys do.
>   I'll just keep working, publishing design notes for anyone who is
> interested, and, when I get chunks of code working, I'll publish the
> comparisons.  Shall we put them to the vote?  Will a vote decide whether
> property handling is faster and smaller?

As I said before, there are opportunities to make redesign code faster and
smaller. To compare the two, we need to see the things that are unique to
the pull parsing approach. And more important than that, faster and smaller
will not trump cleaner and more flexible (at least for me).

> Note that I am quite happy to work towards integrating a fully-working
> FO and area tree susbsystem into the redesign.  I will not devote time
> to hacking such a working system apart to place nuggets of the original
> into a design in which I, as yet, have no confidence.

OK, this all-or-nothing approach is news to me. So Glen actually better
understood how matters stood on this issue than I did.

Victor Mote

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