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[Responding to Jeremias here] Or, better yet IMO, into
a RenderType 
that is a child or grandchild of the Document, so that
there can be 
RenderTypes for the same Document.

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I can understand enhancements for logging and
threading, but multiple RenderTypes for the same
Document appears to be Cocoon's department, not ours. 

We're at a level below that, very similar to Xalan:

Xalan input: xml document, xslt stylesheet
Xalan output: document

FOP input:  xml (xsl-fo namespace) document, render
FOP output: document

Given that our Area tree is renderer-specific, and
since the area tree creation is tightly bound to fo
tree creation--I think any internal implementation we
would have of multiple rendering types would just
involve running FOP once for each rendering type.  If
so, perhaps this is best left with Cocoon.


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