The current FOP is not fit for i18n, directions, area orientations and does
not even support a dotted line. Renderes too. Design correct data objects in
the first place instead of fancy control mechanisms.
- what do pipelines look like?
- are there really pipelines or are partial document fragments passed on?
What's in memory at any time?

o initialize
o parse XSL
o layout pages
o render x times

o process config
        output: global config objects
o get platform info
        output: global platform objects

parse XSL
o process layout-master-sets, page-sequences
        output: internal page description objects

o process flows
        - standardize properties (measurements, property synonyms)
        - resolve XSL inheritance to avoid tricky states, switches
        - calculate FO dimensions as far as possible and transform
                output content: to a suitable representation (my favorite: Graphics2D)
              output document stucture, areas: into FOTree with pointers to content
                output unique property/attribute maps: memory savers

layout pages
o apply page descriptions to flows
o paginate: fill pages sequentially, split content objects
o resolve references
        output: content objects supplemented with page coordinates on a
device-independent way
o baptize the result "Area Tree"

o process renderer configuration
o output content objects in a device-dependent format

Hansuli Anderegg

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