Le Lundi, 23 juin 2003, Ó 12:08 Europe/Zurich, J.U. Anderegg a Úcrit :

Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
...In jfor we defined an extension to XSL-FO (the "jfor-style" attribute)
to control RTF styles....

(1) This is not a FOP extension, but rather a fundamental change of the XSL-FO language, which does not know stlye sheets.

What I called "extension" applies to XSL-FO, or rather to the input documents handled by jfor, which use the "jfor-style" attribute in addition to standard XSL-FO. You're right that this is not a FOP extension.

This can be implemented cleanly with namespaces, so as not to pollute the XSL-FO input, something like

<fo:block font-size="12pt" style:name="someRtfStyle">

Meaning that the style names are "decorations" to the input document.

...(2) I wrote a few weeks ago this and it is still my idea, how FOP should
store properties:

"Apply the principles of relational databases to eliminate redundancies: set
up tables of unique/used fonts, strokes, colors, ... and have the objects
reference table entries....

Sounds reasonable, but I don't know enough about the current properties code to comment on this.


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