Jeremias Maerki wrote:

I have done so now. I've added a new (sub)page to the Wiki to avoid
making the FOPAvalonization page even longer.

Interesting proposal. One thing I'm still missing:

- Renderer: You guys hate me for that, I know, but I still refuse to
  give it so much visibility in these discussions.
Suppose the PDFRenderer a set of encryption options, as obtained from
the request in a web service environment (or the text renderer is
supposed to use the output encoding specified by the request). This
is parametrization, not configuration, and in any case not as easy
to press through a configure(File) or configure(InputStream).

Could you add an example how this would be handled in your proposal?

Side note WRT resolvers: I've only placed the SourceResolver in the API
because I think that the other resolvers are not necessary. I'm not
certain about that but this can be easily added later.

Image and font resolvers are needed as hooks for users who want to have their own caching implementation or want to implement metrics access for fonts mapping to several odd files in all kind of even more odd places. However, they can be implemented as Avalon services too.

And, well, the hyphenator is also a good Avalon service...


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