Anyone who would like to make a start on the integration of can do two very great services.

Checkstyle cleanup. This is a large an messy task in itself. I have a basic config for the 3.1.1 version of the Eclipse plugin in the base directory. I have just turned of the javadocs warnings, and I intend to generate the docs that are currently defined and clean them up before filling in the blanks.

Bringing the org.apache.fop.apps stuff up to 0.20.5. This aspect was frozen in at about 0.20.0, so it is grossly out of date. Logging is still done, e.g., using MessageHandler.

Bringing apps up to date will greatly ease the integration process, and can be done, I think, without majoe trauma.

The tag for is FOP_0-20-0_Alt-Design.

Peter B. West

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