Peter B. West wrote:

> Anyone who would like to make a start on the integration of
> can do two very great services.

Since my main FOP purpose in life right now is to reduce (if possible) our
lines of development from 3 to 1, this is of interest to me. However, I want
to make sure that I understand what I am signing up for here. It would seem
foolish for me to invest time in alt design until there is some agreement
about which portions of it will eventually be integrated. I am under the
impression that I am waiting for a response from you to move that issue
forward. I have high hopes that we can reconcile all of the design issues,
get everyone on the same page, and start implementing them. I think it is
important to resolve that before getting into the nitty-gritty. What can I
do to help get the design philosophies reconciled?

Victor Mote

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