> As we are all getting
> our libraries 
> updated through CVS anyway, would it not be better
> to name them 
> consistently, and include a text file detailing the
> current versions?
> Peter
> -- 

I don't think so--it is helpful to immediately see the
version of the libraries when viewing the files.  I
suspect that text file you're mentioning will out fall
out of date--and users may be unaware of it.

However, there *may* be an issue (I don't know, I
haven't researched the matter) of the team not relying
on production releases of other jars, but interim
releases where unwarranted, nightly builds, etc.,
which I would assume would make a mess in CVS due to
the different file names, constant atticking, etc. 
*That* might be something to work on:  attempting to
rely on more production-release jars in the future.


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