--- Victor Mote <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> > Relations in controller-class approach:
> > manager<-->A, manager<-->B, manager<-->C,
> > manager<-->D,
> > manager<-->customer
> >
> > In pipeline approach (theoretical, may not work in
> > FOP's case):
> > manager<-->A<-->B<-->C<-->D<-->customer
> >
> Since were talking about a computer program here,
> the cost of A bringing the
> ingredients to me and me taking them to B is exactly
> the same (or darn
> close) as the cost of A delivering it directly to B.
> The benefit is that I
> can (if I want to), send half of the ingredients to
> P and half to Q instead
> of sending all of them to B. Or I can have B send me
> a bit of the dough as
> it is made instead of waiting for the whole batch to
> be completed. Or I can
> move the ingredient-buying section of my warehouse
> to a different country or
> planet.

Not to belabor the point, but all of the above is
business logic, which can be supported by either
model.  A computer program is deterministic--that
coded decision to send half to P and half to Q
(instead of B) based on various coded circumstances
can be placed within the manager or within A.


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