--- Victor Mote <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> If I'm going to give up encapsulation or Separation
> of Concerns, or whatever
> you want to call it, what do I get in return? 

IMO you're not "giving up" SoC, you're gaining it:

"manager<-->A<-->B<-->C<-->D<-->customer model"
keeps the business logic inherent to each object's
duties within each object.

The other model, in which the manager sticks his
fingers in various parts of the process in every
object, is what I consider to break encapsulation.

> I give
> up reusability,

Not necessarily--going back to the bakery example
(where reusability = hirability externally), Employee
A fully knows how to buy the bread, B knows how to
make the dough, C knows how to cook it, etc.  They are
all very smart, self-contained objects.

In the other model, by taking business logic out of
the objects and into the manager the A, B, C, D become
more dependent on that specific manager, and less
hirable without him/her.

> simplicity, 
> and the ability to divide-and-conquer.

For these two, indeed all of them, one can probably
argue either way.  Let's agree to disagree.


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