Glen Mazza wrote:

> Your IDE tool created another ".*" invalid import at
> fo/extensions/svg/
> /vnd.viewcvs-markup.
>  Please fix it up--the Batik team is requesting
> changes to this file.

Yes, I am trying to get to all of this.

> When I have moved classes in the past, I just do a
> file-wide add & search-and-replace on import
> statements so that no invalid imports need be created.
>  You would be correct if you were to presume that this
> takes 5 mins. vs. perhaps 3 seconds for your "nice"
> IDE class-moving tool--problem is, trying to
> retroactively figure out which classes are in which
> file takes far more effort than the 4:57 saved.

I found a setting in the IDE that should change this behavior.

> If you don't feel this way, fine, go ahead and
> retroactively fit all classes you created w/invalid
> imports to our coding standards, but from now on
> please make the changes *before* checking the file in.
> It is important that the time involved in this
> retrofitting be part of the calculations in your
> decision to use the IDE refactoring tool.  Just
> leaving the code invalid and "hiding in the tall
> grass"--to use your phrase--should not be considered
> an option, as it would result in disasterous overuse
> of that IDE function.

No hiding going on here. I am responsible for fixing it, and I apologize for
the inconvenience. It is clear that we have different priorities here, and
I'll do my best to accommodate yours better.

Victor Mote

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