Also, Bertrand, for votes, you'll have to make
yourself active again--edit team.xml--and hopefully
for more than just submitting the names of people who
have been supplying patches for all of 24 hours.  I'm,
however, not very optimistic on that point.

Committership is a months-long-process, and I'll need
to see contributions from your individual named well
past those of Chris, Clay or Andreas before we
consider such a move.  FYI, he's at about 1% of them
right now.

I'm surprised you would have us vote for a committer
someone who just submitted this patch yesterday:

         if (floatValue < 0) {
             floatValue = 0;
-        return (int) floatValue * 255;
+        return (int) (floatValue * 255);
My, such complexity!  Perhaps 1000 people have
contributed more substantive patches--are we to make
them committers too?  Maybe if you had decided to lift
a finger for the project and *apply* his patches your
proposal would have carried more weight.

You just insulted the entire FOP team--committers and
contributors--with your ridiculous suggestion.  It
would probably be best for the project for you to keep
yourself inactive.


--- Bertrand Delacretaz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Hi FOPpers,
> I'm making this a proposal instead of directly a
> vote, as there are two 
> unusual things here: I've been recently (and
> rightly) moved to inactive 
> committer status, and it hasn't been a long time
> since Peter submitted 
> his patches.
> The reason I'm proposing him is that Peter is
> willing to work on the 
> RTF renderer, which he needs for his job where he's
> doing reporting 
> stuff in RTF and PDF. He's been a committer in jfor
> since this summer, 
> and has commited some very useful patches and
> corrections.
> If no one objects, I'll move this to a proper vote
> so that Peter can 
> start working efficiently on the RTF stuff as soon
> as possible.
> -Bertrand

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