please adjust your tone. Bertrand is only proposing a vote, not actually
voting. Everyone is entitled to propose new committers, it has nothing
to do with the actual voting. If Betrand says Peter Herweg provides good
input, then it's good enough for me to really consider holding such a
vote. We're desperately in need of new committers. You know that, making
about 50% of the current contributions. It may be true that in the past
new FOP committer candidates needed to show stamina for an extended
amount of time before being accepted. It took me more than 18 months.
That's not entirely a bad thing, but FOP doesn't have this much reserves
to wait so long until new people can be voted in. IMO we sometimes wait
too long until new people are voted in. As you pointed out Chris, Clay
and Andreas, for example, are actually good candidates for committers
although they haven't contributed much/any code, yet. Some people
deserve the status if only for helping out on fop-user and posting good
ideas. Maybe they can be motivated to contributing more code by
promoting them. And there's no hard rule making us wait a few months
before we can vote someone in. So let's first see what others have to
say about this before beating that proposal down outright.

Jeremias Maerki

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