Don't bother--issue is not that important.  I guess
our general goal is to do what maintenance does for
overlapping regions (which the spec doesn't address
anyway but maintenance seems to handle nicely)--I may
take a look at it later.


--- Victor Mote <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> J.Pietschmann wrote:
> > I'd suggest to restore the behaviour of the
> maintenance code
> > I expected this to be implemented this way anyway,
> because last
> > time I looked regions were handled the same order
> as in the
> > maintenance code). Vic, could this be an artefact
> of your changes?
> It is certainly possible. Glen, if this is not easy
> to fix according to
> Joerg's comments, then I'll be glad to check out a
> snapshot from 3-4 weeks
> ago, and compare the behavior to what we have now to
> see if I caused this.
> Victor Mote

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