Dear Apache FOP Development Team, 


Apache newsletter is in progress of preparing the second all-Apache
newsletter, news from August to September 2003, which will be 
published in the middle of October 2003.

=== What is "The Apache Newsletter"? ===

the 'Apache Newsletter Issue 2' will be appeared at
and the editorial deadline will be 00:00 GMT-7000, 11th October.

We lowered the barrier to entry - anyone will be able to easily 
contribute, as prepared the ApacheWiki

If you have anything to be added to the ApacheWiki, please go to
and fill up what you want to append.
(A few editors per (sub)project would be highly appreciated, indeed)
Of course, if you do have a hesitation on writing article via Wiki,
please send e-mails to me <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> directly.

Probably, the former newsletter (Apache Newsletter Issue #1)
might be able to give you some hints in writing the articles.

I am waiting your contributions. Please e-mail to me <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
whensoever you have a question about this newsletter.

Hope to hear from you


-- Tetsuya Kitahata ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

Tetsuya Kitahata --  Terra-International, Inc.
(The Apache Newsletter Issuer/Editor)

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