FO:Basic-link isn't working (anymore?) in trunk for
PDF.  It is properly colored blue, but the link is not

Per your email here:

fo:basic-link may have been broken with the addition
of AddLMVisitor:

I've narrowed the problem to being that 
AddLMVisitor.setupBasicLinkArea() is not being called
from AddLMVisitor.serveBasicLink().

Looking at lines 299-302, you have a strange
createArea() function within braces--I'm unsure what
you're attempting to do there: this code (which calls
setupBasicLinkArea()) is never being activated:

lm = new InlineStackingLayoutManager() {
    protected InlineParent createArea(BasicLink node)
        InlineParent area = super.createArea();
        setupBasicLinkArea(node, parentLM, area);
        return area;

This is quite possibly a Java 101 question, but what
does defining a function in this manner do--does it
append a new function createArea() to the lm object?

Can we just call setupBasicLinkArea() from within
serveBasicLink() directly? But how do I get access to
the parentLM object in order to do that?


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