Glen Mazza wrote:


You needn't bother on this at this time--we have yet
to find where Batik is wrong.  So far, Squiggle has
drawn the SVG correct *all* the time.  But comments
always welcome, and it's good for you to be aware of
the issue.

At least one of the issues is with the PDFGraphics2D. in in draw(shape s). There is a check for a newTransform which inexplicably decides that if the new transform is the Identity transform there is no change.

   In the second example posted you can in fact find the
'blue' rectangle as a very small open square in the
lower right hand corner of the PDF.

Also, there were changes to the problem yesterday that
Andreas apparently didn't read--the problem is
basically that the same PDF file (containing certain
SVG elements such as polyline) generated by FOP
renders fine in Acrobat 6.0 but not in 5.5.

Don't have a clue on this one (it is possible that the 5.5 engine uses 16.16 math but the 6.0 uses FP?)

Adding to the fun, the user yesterday found other
problems where Squiggle runs fine but FOP fails, for
*all* Acrobat versions.  So this will be an ongoing
issue for FOP--also, given the scope of changes
needed, perhaps we may be able to make just to our 1.0
branch, the one used by the transcoder.

I believe the above problem is responsible for the issue with the blue box. Why the text is 'shifted' is still a bit of a mystery to me.

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