--- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Glen,
> first of all, thanks for your continuing effort in
> the development
> towards 1.0. 

Sure thing--two patches down, 21,234,198 to go! ;)

> Take the two Transcoders (for PDF and PS) for
> example. They could just
> as well be in Batik. Maybe they should actually be
> there, or maybe they

Tom DeWeese of Batik made that suggestion a few months
back--we're tentatively in agreement that once FOP
gets solidified, the transcoders can move to them for
their maintenance and documentation.

> The PDF transcoder
> could probably have long been promoted to 1.0 status
> already. 

Sie haben vergessen!  PDF transcoder is distributed up
with Batik right now--it's one of 1.0's few success
stories.  We don't even use maintenance for the
transcoder--there's not a target for it in
maintenance's build.xml.

> Thoughts?

As always, our user base's primary concern is to have 
a product that can generate [absurdly high number of
huge image-heavy documents] in [ridiculously small
amount of time].  That is FOP's responsibility to
Cocoon, Struts programmers, HP PCL users, Adobe PDF,

I see the way of accomplishing this is by having FOP
be (1) extremely fast and optimized; (2) extremely
accurate; and (3) extremely focused on (1) and (2)

Making a nice framework for others to create a
FOP-like product is not as big a concern for me.  I
want to create FOP, not something to be used for
creating a FOP. 

Anyway, thanks everyone for voting, and especially to
Victor and Jeremias for their well-explained
positions.  I'll get the first one taken care of
shortly, and hold off on doing the second due to their
concerns at this time.


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