Glen Mazza wrote:

> Making a nice framework for others to create a
> FOP-like product is not as big a concern for me.  I
> want to create FOP, not something to be used for
> creating a FOP.

Hmmm. I think this comment is directed at me.

WRT the first sentence, since this is open source with an Apache-style
license, if we fail to make a nice framework for others to create a FOP-like
product, then we have, by definition, failed to make a nice framework for
FOP developers to create FOP. If a debate is needed here at all, it should
be over whether such a framework is needed at all.

WRT the second sentence, I guess I don't understand how failing to create
things that can be used to create a FOP helps create FOP. It is like saying
"I don't want to build a foundation, I just want to build a house." Again, a
debate about whether we are building something that needs a foundation or
not might be interesting and useful. OTOH, maybe it would just be a waste of
everyone's time.

Victor Mote

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