Glen Mazza wrote:
Make sure you're separating the issues here...

Uh, sorry the issue hasn't really much to do with your patch except that it is in roughly the same region of code... I should have started a new thread.

Probably more than just Western, here's a Japanese

Yeah, UTR-14 can handle japanese. However, it states explicitely it needs context in order to determine whether certain characters are handled as "alphabetic" (no breaks in between) or "ideographic" (break opportunity in between). I can't see how BreakIterator gets this.

Yes.  See

Darn! Didn't thought of the online docs!

Again, I don't know the code, but it may be a good

Well, the problem is: BreakIterator returns on break opportunities. How would this fit into the LM framework?

Anything that is based on Sun Java code (and an
official standard like UTR14) probably makes our life
much easier--anyone has a complaint about the
hyphenation decisions can go complain to Sun about
They don't deal with hyphenation, unfortunately.


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