Sure, just send patches. I think there are no immediate plans. The PDF
transcoder has a pretty good feature set (thanks to Keiron Liddle
in particular) but it is certainly not complete. So we're happy to add
your contributions. Just be patient with us for applying the patches as
we're undermanned in this project. If we don't respond just poke again.

On 13.11.2003 20:33:28 Petar wrote:
> I was trying to use "font-stretch" attribute in my SVG which I wanted to
> convert to PDF using PDFTranscoder.  I ran into some problems.
> I first added the proper font element to my configuration file.  However, the
> transcoder didn't use it as expected.  It ignored my stretch attribute.  It
> turns out, FOP does not support this attribute for font lookups.  It only uses
> family, weight, and style.  These seem to be consistent with CSS1 but not with
> CSS2.  CSS2 has added font-stretch attribute and font-variant.
> Is there a plan to support these additional attributes?  Is seems that for
> PDFTranscoder the changes will be needed in:
> fop.apps.Document
> fop.render.pdf.FontSetup
> fop.svg.PDFTextPainter
> Of course, other renderes besides PDFTranscoder would need to be changed as
> well but it could be possible to keep backwards compatibility.
> Is this something that is in plans?  If not, would you accept potential
> contributions?

Jeremias Maerki

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