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> I was trying to use "font-stretch" attribute in my SVG which I wanted to
> convert to PDF using PDFTranscoder.  I ran into some problems.

Yup! font-stretch currently not implemented
(see: http://xml.apache.org/fop/compliance.html#fo-property-font-stretch )

> CSS2 has added font-stretch attribute and font-variant.

Yes, and so has XSL-FO. Only basic conformance level does not require a
processor to support this property.

> Is this something that is in plans?  If not, would you accept potential
> contributions?

Always! But keep in mind that patches for 0.20.5 have less priority for the
moment, so *if* you decide to enter a few patches, be sure to also include
them for the Development Codebase (If I'm not mistaken, the PDFTranscoder is
the same in both versions, but I'm not sure about the other affected



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