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I wouldn't worry too much about that. I believe methods themselves don't take up that much memory--and to a certain degree, we're supposed to be a "reference implementation"--so methods not relevant for all instances of a certain base class should not be defined with that class.

Your right methods dont take up much memory. My only concern was increased cost of maintaining multiple copies of the same code. But I guess Trait retrieval isnt exactly rocket science stuff.

> OTOH not every > class that derives from > Area will have Padding and spacing attributes. >

Yes, for that reason I would recommend keeping those
methods in the child classes--even if duplicated.

Yes this makes sense.


You said you were interested in working with block-centering issues. The examples\fo\basic\ example in the 1.0 distribution--which I've been looking at--when run for PDF in 1.0 has three errors in it (you can see how it should look if you run it w/0.20.5):

1.)  The "Extensible Markup Language 1.0" title (the
one with a blue background) it not centered properly
within the block.  This is probably an issue within renderText() function.

2.)  The first lines of text within each fo:block
incorrectly have a leading space appended to them.
I'm looking at this one currently, it's a problem with
layoutmgr.TextLayoutManager and fo.flow.Block, not
related to the above.

I noticed this as well.

3.) The inline font-variant="small caps" for "Extensible Markup Language" in the Abstract section is not working. (However, I'm not trained in fonts at all--this may be very difficult to fix.)

Would you like to tackle the first one (and the third,
if you want a real challenge)?  I'm looking at the
second right now (although you're welcome to beat me
to it on that one as well!), and the third may not be
that bad, given that it's already implemented in
0.20.x (hopefully it can be copied over into 1.0).

Thanks for taking the time to find some small issues for me to tackle. As it happens I have already got my teeth stuck into getting padding-left working. I'll write a separate post for that in a minute. I'll definitely add (1) and (3) to my todo list and take a look probably later in the week.




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