J.Pietschmann wrote:

> Victor Mote wrote:
> > Typeface roughly corresponds to what is contained in a ttf of
> pfa font file.
> Hm hm. A TTF is typically Courier-bold-italic or so. Did you mean this
> or rather typeface==font-family?

No. Courier-Bold-Italic would be the Typeface, Courier would be the
TypefaceFamily. So my Font object that gets used by FOP would be
Courier-Bold-Italic at 12 points. It has a parent Typeface, which represents
the Courier-Bold "font" file and its contents. This typeface has a parent
TypefaceFamily, which represents the Courier family, and knows how to find
bold, italic, small-caps, etc. Typefaces which are related.

So, during FO Tree construction, when a small-caps font is requested by the
source document, FOP tries to find the small-caps variant for the Typeface
(by looking at the parent TypefaceFamily). If it exists, it assigns that. If
not, it uses the regular variant with an emulation on the point size, and
assigns that. Everything downstream just knows to use that Font, doesn't
need to know why. It sounds like we agree on all of this.

Victor Mote

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