ANNOUNCEMENT: I have just committed a change that 1) allows LayoutStrategy
to tell whether an FO Tree should be built, 2) has Driver act on this, i.e.
to build an FO Tree only if LayoutStrategy indicates that this should be
done. This should theoretically allow Peter's logic to be used as a
LayoutStrategy within the trunk development line. What I have done is
probably overly simplistic, but I will allow Peter or anyone wishing to work
on that strategy tell us what additional things are needed to accommodate.
To start integrating, create a subclass of LayoutStrategy, override the
foTreeNeeded() method to return false, then write a format() method that
does the layout work. LayoutStrategy knows its parent Document, which knows
its parent Driver, so you should be able to get to all of the parsing
variables that are needed. Let me know if you need help.

Since configuration is still messed up, you will need to hard-code a change
to Driver to get your new LayoutStrategy object created.

Victor Mote

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