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On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 15:34, Victor Mote wrote:

Geez! I was thinking more along the lines of plugging in a few new data
structures for property lookup. I am exploring the old implementation through the marvel of code grooming in order to understand it.

Don't worry, I have the time to do this right.

I got a tiny improvement by playing around in some of PropertyList and
PropertyListBuilder. This is just a throw-away effort of course. I did enough tracing this a.m. to realize that my 'linear behaviour' may
be deeply buried. I have done this often enough that I don't
expect more than marginal improvements from grooming/tweaking lines of code. [Gone are the days of PL/I and unaligned bit

Before I found out about Alt-Design, I was thinking about using a HashMap with property names as keys and a class implementing some stack behaviour. Each new FO would conceptually 'push'
new values on a stack for each property in it's list. A smart 'pop' would allow the entire set of properties for a FO to
be popped together. Hopefully, this design would allow faster
access to the current properties, without a need to search through
higher 'activation records', 'stack frames', contexts or whatever
you choose to call them.

I initially looked at a stack based approach. It seems natural enough, given the nature of (most) inheritance. As I went along, I gradually abandoned more and more of it, and finally realised that there was nothing worthwhile left. I posted an epitaph to my stacks at this point.

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