--- "Peter B. West" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> And now for a little digression on code generation. 
> My own view of code 
> generation by XSLT transformation can be summed up
> as:

Why, Peter, you're in disagreement with everyone else
on this issue!  (So what else is new? ;)

> * the canonical source is the Java code.
> * transformations are a tool for developer
> convenience.
> * they should be used to generate files which are
> then committed like 
> any others.
> * transformation is generally a one-off process,
> only to be re-used in 
> extremis.

BTW, what is a "one-off process"?

> * it is the developer's responsibility to ensure
> that any re-generation 
> does not lose patches to the previously generated
> and committed source.


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