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(2.) Just as an FYI, as to the issue of whether the
FO's themselves have traits--from our previous
discussion, you were saying that elements have
attributes, FOs have properties and Area Tree elements
have traits, I believe.  That fact is confirmed in the
second paragraph of the Ch. 3 of the spec[1].
However, somewhat confusingly, if you look at the
second, third, and fourth diagrams in 1.1.2,
Formatting[2], the spec also refers to traits as the
refined/finished properties of the "refined formatting
object tree".  So in some cases, they do consider
traits to be both at the finished FO tree and the area




I don't think I had noticed this before. It looks like the standard *does*
consider the refined properties to be traits. Since a refined value in the
FO Tree should be the same as the value used in the Area Tree, that makes
some sense.

There is not a simple correspondence between properties and traits in all cases. See my table for a summary of traits. I can't recall whether it is complete, but I scoured the Rec for references, and put what I could find in there.

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