Input: The XSL-FO file produced from:
"DocBook: The Definitive Guide "

Document size:           648 Pages  // for the O'Reilly edition
FO file size:       21,659,370 bytes
Properties:         526,648
Tags:               285,223
Height of tree:     17       // max height of the parse tree
Unique prop names:  117      // bounded by the spec
Unique prop values: 13,520   // bounded by the real world

Using these numbers, we can explore the sort of benefits to expect
from revised Property implementation. With over a million strings,
the FOTree for this document would use forty or fifty Mb in addition
to data structures. 

This document can be used as an example even though it probably
can't be formatted (yet) by FOP. It has a lot of tables. It could 
be a goal of the FOP project to generate this well-known document.

I was thinking of using the XSL-FO spec from the W3C web site but
couldn't find the stylesheet to make the FO file. If anyone knows
where to find them, please let me know.

Statistics from this file:

Number of Elements by tree level:
level=1 count=1
level=2 count=473
level=3 count=5242
level=4 count=5480
level=5 count=7129
level=6 count=26231
level=7 count=22475
level=8 count=36447
level=9 count=62288
level=10 count=38536
level=11 count=30486
level=12 count=23641
level=13 count=23190
level=14 count=2023
level=15 count=771
level=16 count=701
level=17 count=109

Element frequencies:
a 24                    <==== I wonder where this came from ????
fo:basic-link 5225
fo:block 112142
fo:conditional-page-master-reference 48
fo:external-graphic 1097
fo:flow 472
fo:footnote 22
fo:footnote-body 22
fo:inline 62792
fo:layout-master-set 1
fo:leader 1764
fo:list-block 279
fo:list-item 1004
fo:list-item-body 1004
fo:list-item-label 1004
fo:marker 5335
fo:page-number 1872
fo:page-number-citation 3224
fo:page-sequence 472
fo:page-sequence-master 12
fo:region-after 38
fo:region-before 38
fo:region-body 38
fo:repeatable-page-master-alternatives 12
fo:root 1
fo:simple-page-master 38
fo:static-content 4720
fo:table 6497
fo:table-body 6497
fo:table-cell 33174
fo:table-column 19225
fo:table-footer 1
fo:table-header 29
fo:table-row 15301
fo:wrapper 1799

Properties: 526648
Tags: 285223
num_keys: 117
num_vals: 13520



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