--- "Peter B. West" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> It seems to me, however, that the key to 1) solving
> the layout 
> dependencies of FO property expressions, and 2)
> reducing footprint, 
> particularly for those long documents which are
> naturally expressed with 
> very large fo:flow trees in a few page-sequences, is
> to have the areas 
> generated by the FOs as soon as the FOs are parsed
> and entered into the 
> FO tree.

Keiron indicated [1] that we have that something of
that already in the HEAD version--so FOP is no longer
building the whole FO tree and *then* the area tree. 
Now how *good* the 1.0's implementation is may be
another matter.  It may be something worthwhile for
you to take a look at.



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