I've been working with Finn's several patches on
moving FOP from string to integer constants.  The
quality of his work is all very solid--his coding
knowledge (both Java and XSLT), code standards,
attention to detail, as well as emphasis on speed and
conserving memory.  He also clearly has a detailed
knowledge of the FOP codebase--at (the very) least
with respect to properties and the FO Tree.

I was able to get some of his patch completed, but was
hampered by (1) needing to perform a general code
cleanup to begin with; (2) needing to get up to speed
with our XSLT code and Maker classes; and (3) general
newbieness with XSLT development.  I've learned much
in the past week, however, and am happy to have worked
through his patches.

Still, I'd like to hand the property string to integer
conversion work off to him, as he's already suggested
other changes to his work that he would be best in a
position to handle.  And from there, hopefully he can
help us out on the properties API that the FO Tree
would expose to the Area and layout.  This would also
free me to go back to layout/rendering issues.  

FOP needs another "coding committer", and Peter can
also probably use someone of his capability to work
through general design issues with.  Therefore, I'm
happy to nominate Finn Bock for committer--here's my


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