On Dec 24, 2003, at 4:03 PM, Andreas L. Delmelle wrote:
wouldn't it be reasonable to also accept the obsolete 'master-name'
and to
just print out a corresponding warning message instead of throwing an
error? AFAIK, the attribute has only been renamed to
but its meaning and usage remained identically the same.

The latter seems preferrable as it discourages the use of properties that
are undefined by the spec, while the first allows people to ignore it. If at
some time they decide (for some mysterious reason) to use XEP instead of
FOP, they'll receive an error anyway.

Just a thought.

I would think that by providing a WARNING message RE: 'master-name deprecated in favor of master-reference' or some such, that would alleviate any concerns. It would also make old files work without change (and look to the FAQ, which has much improved since Victor started looking into things... ;-p).. If however, there is some technical/challenging reason which this flies against (aghast?) then, "never mind..."

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