--- Thomas DeWeese <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > A combined user-list might be a good starter...
>     I think a combined user-list would be a
> disaster.  In general I
> think the people who need to know about SVG get told
> about Batik and
> the people who need to know about XSL-FO get told
> about FOP if they
> wander into the wrong group.

Don't worry, Thomas--it won't happen.  Indeed, merging
the two user mailing lists would prove very soon to be
a mistake. (The same argument could be used to merge
Cocoon, Xalan, and other lists with ours as well--and
one giant ML just won't work.  Searching the combined
archive would also be a mess.)

FOP and Batik support two distinct W3C specs, and as
such should remain separate projects.  


Glen Mazza
Apache FOP Team

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