The code that I checked out this evening from CVS HEAD generates
compile errors, for example,

 cannot resolve symbol
    [javac] symbol  : variable PR_BORDER_AFTER_STYLE 
    [javac] location: interface org.apache.fop.fo.properties.Constants
    [javac]         p= 

The cause is that the import section is not sufficient:

package org.apache.fop.fo.properties;
import org.apache.fop.fo.*;
import org.apache.fop.apps.FOPException;

With these import statements the compiler applies interface
org.apache.fop.fo.properties.Constants instead of interface
org.apache.fop.fo.Constants. An explicit statement

import org.apache.fop.fo.Constants;

should be added. I did it as follows:

--- properties.xsl.~1.30.~      Sat Jan 10 20:02:04 2004
+++ properties.xsl      Sat Jan 10 21:53:43 2004
@@ -329,7 +329,8 @@
 import org.apache.fop.datatypes.*;</xsl:text>
-import org.apache.fop.fo.*;</xsl:text>
+import org.apache.fop.fo.*;
+import org.apache.fop.fo.Constants;</xsl:text>
       <xsl:if test="not(
                     (./datatype and ./datatype[. ='List'])
                     or ./class-name[.='GenericCondPadding']
@@ -338,10 +339,6 @@
 import org.apache.fop.apps.FOPException;</xsl:text>
-  <xsl:if test=".//enumeration and @type='generic'">
-    <xsl:text>
-import org.apache.fop.fo.Constants;</xsl:text>
 public class </xsl:text>

The old code applies a precise test for the inclusion of the import
statement. My change includes the import statement in all property
makers. Not sure what a more precise test would look like, and if
there can be any.

Regards, Simon

Simon Pepping
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