On Sat, Jan 10, 2004 at 01:54:35PM -0800, Glen Mazza wrote:
> Simon,
> I can't duplicate the problem on my machine but I
> think I see the issue:  there is *no* more
> interface
> anymore, it's been gone for a month or so.  I think
> you just need to clear it out (delete the file), and
> make sure you have the newest build.xml--it is the
> script that formerly created that properties.Constants
> interface (but doesn't anymore).
> What I do before a full build is delete the BUILD
> directory, then type "ant"--this forces everything to
> be created from scratch.

That solves the problem. I usually do an incremental build with 'ant
compile'. This is the second time I have been bitten by the fact that
that is not always sufficient. What seems to have happened is this:
The incremental build does not remove the files and as
previously generated from codegen. The former of these causes ant not
to rebuild the class fo.Constants from the corresponding new code in
src, thus leaving out the new constants that were declared in the
Thanks, Simon

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