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> What I'm very concerned about, for example, are
> cases like tables, where it
> would be quite awkward to have the TableCell FObj's
> reference their own copy
> of a Property instance

To put it more precisely, the individual Properties of
an FObj are currently stored in the PropertyList of
that FOBj.

> > 2.) for any properties undefined, access the
> > PropertyWindow to determine the property instances
> to
> > use for them.  No recursion needed now.
> >
> Sounds good, and while we're at it, could we test
> for equal specified values
> on any ancestors in step 1, so we can use the
> advantages of inheritance to
> the max...? 

> We don't really want to *punish* users
> who feel like specifying

who *don't* feel, I presume?  ;)

> 'font-size="12pt"' on 80K different FObj's that are
> descendants of the
> fo:flow, I think.
> In the proposed case, IMHO, there should be only one
> Property instance for
> 'font-size="12pt"'. Is this a correct view? Or is
> this outright impossible
> for some reason I'm missing?

This sounds like it could be an excellent idea--a
PropertyRepository (extending, of course, a
DelmelleRepository (tm) ;) ) could be a very useful
tool for FO Tree Building.  Prior to creating any
Property instance for any FO's array, we send the
specs of the needed property to the
PropertyRepository, and it gives us either (1) a
brand-new property instance, or (2) a reference to an
already-created one.  So, indeed, only one instance of
that font-size = "12pt" would need to be created.  

The PropertyRepository would be accessed by
PropertyList when creating properties out of specified
attributes, prior to going to a PropertyWindow (if we
use one) to determine which non-specified properties
to attach.  (The PropertyWindow would only need the
PropertyRepository on app-startup, when it would
create its default objects.)  

But we may not need to bother with a
PropertyWindow--as you're saying, I doubt we're going
to need to store references to all properties at each
FObj--and its time savings on FO Tree building may be
questionable anyway.


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