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> John Austin wrote:
> >    (is Content-length: required for any reason other than placating
> >    Acrobat and that rich hermit who lives outside Redmond WA ?) 
> Not really a FOP topic but anyway.
> Setting content-length is considered "good style", because it allows
> browsers give feedback to the users how far the download proceeded.
> This is especially useful for larger files on slow connections.
> Of course, there is a tradeoff for dynamically generated content:
> there wont be any feedback at all until the content is ready, and
> if this is longer than the download time itself (now that everybody
> has broadband :-) ), the user is still dissatisfied. Well, the
> IEx architecture bug saves us from pondering the philosophical
> background.

Mentioned because it is in the extant codebase even though it isn't
necessary. I deduce it is related to Acrobat because of cryptic comments
in the documentation.

> > 2) Cache Templates objects for faster Transformations when XSLT
> >    files are to be re-used. The 'Java and XSLT' O'Reilly book
> >    has some interesting suggestions in this area.
> The problem is to detect style sheet reuse without context information.

I think the only prob is how to purge from the cache. Re-use detected 
if names are URL's. Still faces the problem of detecting changes to
stylesheets. Discussed a bit in Burke's book.

> > 3) Using URL's for the fo= and xml=,xsl= parameters so we can use
> >    network resources as well as local files.
> +1000.
> Doh, revert to +0. I'd like to do this, unfortunately, this is not
> without drawbacks:
> - People have to learn what an URI is. This seems to be much harder
>   than expected, especially for file:-URLs.
> - People will still insist to keep "xml=foo.xml". This is still an
>   URL (actually: a relative URL reference, which has to be resolved).
>   We have to think hard what the base URL is in this case.

What if default xml=fred.xml is mapped to xml=file://./fred.xml where
the servlet's 'working dir' is defined relative to servlet context.
The we can ship some of our test xml/xsl files in that location and
people have something to start with.

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