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There was a thread recently which brought up that
FOP HEAD currently
doesn't compile under JDK 1.3. IMO this is an
important point and a
change of policy needs a community decision (vote)
and a susequent
documentation update. Since we should respect our
customers a new
opinion poll before the vote would be appropriate.

Does anyone know of a good and up-to-date list of
platforms and the JDK
versions they support? I haven't found one. Sun's
isn't ready, yet:

Another point of interest is that 1.5 is available in beta releases. 1.5 contains changes to the language, the only ones since 1.1, IIUC. I suspect that any vendor who takes Java seriously will port 1.5 as a matter of urgency. IBM e.g., has 1.3 and 1.4 for AIX and z/OS (what level of 1.4 I am not sure.) Linux/390 also has 1.4.

We're talking about a product (1.0) without a definite release date, but unlikely before late 2004. I hope to have a very limited functionality available in alt-design by mid-year. In any case, I expect that by the time anyone is using alt-design in anger, 1.4 will not be a problem.

The 0.20 series is supported on 1.3, so an important question is: what is the expected timeframe for availability of 1.4 for those users who are currently restricted to 1.3? Vendors should be able to provide their users with some indication of this. We should at least ask the question in any survey of users. An ancillary question is: what is the user's expected timeframe for migration?

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