Thomas DeWeese said:
>     The real issue is that if you subsample the PNG to ~72DPI to
> give good screen drawing, then the printed version will be ugly,
> and if you keep your current fairly high resolution version you
> have 'poor' screen display.

While this may be true, I've never noticed a 'poor' screen quality from
using higher resolution images. I never noticed any noticeable difference
from using higher resolution images. However, lower, 72-dpi images printed
on a laser printer (300dpi+) show poorly. The only "problem" with higher
resolution imaages, is that they have a larger filesize, affecting
download time.

>     You might also consider 'redesigning' the graphs to work better
> across multiple resolutions.  This would mean using a heaver/larger
> font and a larger stroke width.  This might allow you to avoid going
> the vector route - although the vector route would probably generate
> smaller files that print and view better.

When making horizontal "bar graphs", I've had success "drawing" the bars
using HTML tables with the bgcolor attribute set to red or blue. I just
make the width a percentage, and each bar looks great. One other benefit
to this system, is that (in HTML mail) this technique doesn't  require a
internet access via the mail client.

Hope this info is useful!

Web Maestro Clay

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