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> I am not a XSL-FO expert but is this valid, eg.
>     <fo:simple-page-master master-name="simpleA4" margin="4pt+20%">
> For "margin-..." properties percentages in expressions apply to the margins of 
> the enclosing block. Does a "simple-page-master" have an enclosing block with 
> valid margins? If not the above expression cannot be resolved.
> Of course, even if that is the case FOP shouldn't throw a NPE.

I think we agree on the intended behaviour. The point here is the
implementation, which had a small glitch.

The enclosing block is the page. It is not really the enclosing block
of the simple-page-master, nor of the region-body, but of the areas
they generate. Resolution is done w.r.t. the area tree.

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