You're right. The URL protocol handler would have been simple.

Probably the easiest way is to modify
org.apache.fop.image.FopImageFactory. The "Make" method gets the URL
string and tries to get an InputStream.

VFS? At one time I suggested using the Source(Resolver) mechanism from
Avalon which originally came from the Cocoon project. It provides some
sort of VFS which could be used to do the kind of stuff you need. But
this is future talk and will take some time to implement.

On 22.02.2004 22:27:49 Heiko Barthel wrote:
> I've got a special question using FOP 0.20.5:
> I want to include GIF and JPEG images in the PDF which are not accessible
> neither through HTTP, FTP nor the local file system. They reside only in
> memory. I can imagine the following solutions:
> 1. URL protocol handler
> 2. FO extension
> 3. something like a virtual file system
> URL protocol handler implemention is simple but unfortunately does not work
> because I had to set the System property "java.protocol.handler.pkgs" which
> is write protected in our production environment.
> Is there a possibility to embed the images in the FO file ? So I could
> implement an FO extension. What ideas about a VFS ?
> Any help and advice is welcome.

Jeremias Maerki

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