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> Question: in the maintenance branch, leader
> expansion and
> text justification is done just before a line is
> rendered
> in the LineArea.render() method. The reason for this
> is
> that it's only the renderer which knows when page
> number
> references are resolved.
> How will this fit in now?

That hasn't changed; for 1.0 that work is still done
in the renderers (as opposed to 0.20.x which had
extensive rendering business logic in the layout
objects, the 1.0 InlineArea.renders() just made a
one-line command to a "renderInlineArea()" method in
the renderer objects).  But if more accessors are
needed in the InlineArea subclasses, for the renderers
to retrieve information about its state, that would
appear to be a clean solution.  (I don't see any more
needed however.)

> BTW I don't think it's good style do ignore a veto
> and
> commit a change even before the discussion is
> resolved.
> J.Pietschmann

I didn't realize your -1 was a veto.  I just counted
it as a "no" vote. (I thought you needed to explicitly
say "veto"[1], but I now see that -1 by itself always
means veto.[2])  Anyway, far from ignoring your vote,
I spent considerable time Tuesday evening researching
and responding to the two technical concerns you gave
for your vote (bad OO design and "locks in" renderer
design) and I believe I had responded sufficiently for
both of those concerns to be met.  Do we need more
discussion on this?--I'd rather get back into fixing
layout/rendering bugs again!



[2] http://incubator.apache.org/learn/voting.html

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