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> This simplification, even if
> temporary, drops the average IQ needed to understand
> the Renderer classes perhaps 30 points, more into my
> range*, hopefully opening the door for more developers
> to start filling out these renderers.
> Glen
> *That of a house plant.

Give yourself some credit, man!

Besides that, higher IQ only means 'faster understanding under the same
circumstances' and not 'more understanding, period'... background knowledge
remains the more fundamental prerequisite.

Anyway, I can see now that the 'simplification' in question at least offers
the benefit of needing a re-implementation of text-justification (among
others) which will fit more harmoniously into the redesigned API, instead of
merely copying the Maintenance way of doing things and having to 'rape' the
new design because we so rabidly want to keep that part working as it did
It just might prove more worthwhile to be forced to re-think the process of
justification in terms of the 1.0 API... let's hope so.



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