Simon Pepping wrote:
 Removed:     src/hyph cs.xml da.xml de.xml de_DR.xml el.xml en_GB.xml
                       en_US.xml fr.xml nl.xml no.xml sk.xml tr.xml
 Removed legally problematic files as done for the maintenance branch.

What are those legal problems? The Dutch file nl.xml is based on the
hyphenation patterns created by the Dutch TeX user group, and are
freely distributed with TeX software. Why cannot FOP distribute them?

The XML file says Original (TeX) author: Piet Tutelaers Transformed to XML by: Reinout Verkerk ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) Character encoding corrections by: Carlos Villegas without further license or copyright indications, which makes them copyright holders and gives them exclusive rights.

The original isn't easy to track down but is probably here
and says:
% COPYRIGHT (C) 1996: Piet Tutelaers
% COPYING: This file can be distributed freely if its contents and name
%          is UNCHANGED and as long as you don't ask money for it.

This is not compatible with the APL.

I'm sure noone of the mentioned guys will oppose putting the stuff
under APL 2.0 but we should at least ask. Well, Jeremias asked last
year, without any result so far, I think.


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