--- Jeremias Maerki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Would you please enlighten me what the words below
> mean?
> On 29.02.2004 22:10:42 Glen Mazza wrote:
> > Waxing chutzpaic, 

Well, that joke didn't work. ;)

Long Answer:  There's a certain amount of chutzpah
inherent in the statement "I'd like us to try again to
make someone a committer", if *I* was the one who
-1'ed it to begin with.  Also, a lesser-used meaning
of the verb "to wax" is to "become of an emotion while
speaking" (normally, wax sentimental/ nostalgic/
patriotic, etc.)  It requires an adjective (adverb?)
to follow it, which "chutzpah" doesn't have, so I made
it up.

Short Answer:  Never mind--Just throw the rotten
tomatoes at me and forget about it!

Glen (splat!) (splat!)

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